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Leading with Hawai‘i’s Soul

HEC’s 2023 Impact Report features updates on its focus areas and the expanding Rediscovering Hawai‘i’s Soul initiative and network.

Four Focus Areas of Community Resilience

Read HEC’s Fall 2022 Report on its four focus areas – Climate Repair, Adaptation, and Sustainability; Housing for All; Learning Communities; and Rediscovering Hawai'i's Soul.

Climate bill is a model of collaboration

Hawai‘i has all the ingredients to be a leader in addressing climate change. Read why a collaborative approach to drafting legislation by diverse stakeholders is an important first step.

What the World Needs Now Book Launch

Kaʻū High and Pāhala Elementary School hosted a book launch for What the World Needs Now, illustrated by Ka‘ū High School 12th grader Kelson Gallano and authored by Joyce Iwashita, a retired educator and alumna. It’s part of HEC’s community revitalization project, Kaʻū Dream.

EITC Aid Boosts Isle Families, Economy

The Hawai‘i Earned Income Tax Credit serves as a vital tool for investing in Hawai‘i’s working families and a link to strengthening our economy and communities. Read why it should be made permanent and refundable.

2021 HEC Impact Report

Read HEC’s 2020 – 2021 Impact Report and learn how HEC is making systemic change through collaborative leadership, collective action, and its commitment to Hawai‘i.

IT Workforce Needs Report

Technology represents a significant opportunity for Hawaiʻi as we diversify our workforce and support an innovation economy.

TRUE Initiative

Coming together across diverse sectors to accelerate Hawaiʻi’s technology literacy and help local businesses thrive in the digital world.

Movers & Shakas Cohort 2

The Cohort Fellow program offers a flagship experience for remote workers and returning kama'āina to relocate and build economic ties to Hawaiʻi. Cohort 2 launches early 2022.

Building Hawaiʻi’s Technology Sector – TRUE Initiative

Paul Yonamine, CHANGE Economy Committee co-chair and member of the TRUE Committee, says Hawaiʻi’s public and private organizations are late adopters of information technology.